Saturday, November 16, 2013

Not Me God, I'm a School Counselor!

NatalieIt's been a very long time since I have visited this place and a lot has taken place.  In early June, I was at a ballgame and all of a sudden I started to feel very shaky, got a horrible headache, and I could feel my heart racing.  I ended up in an ambulance headed to the e.r.  That was the first of many visits over the summer.  

After tons of tests and blood work, I was sent to Mayo to get some answers.  My husband and I spent a week there with more tests and blood work.  "I think you have PTSD", stated the Dr.  Thinking to myself, I can't have that, no way, I am a counselor, and I know how to take care of myself.  I went thru many emotions, angry, sad, confused, and asked all of the questions, why me????

After much prayer, I am ok with myself and the PTSD.  I was very proud, and I have asked my Heavenly Father to forgive me for being proud.  I have been seeing a therapist and taking medication.  Things are much better, I still have a panic attack but they are few and not as bad as before.  I am learning everyday how much I need God to be in control, that he is much better at it than I am or ever will be.

I am learning to take care of myself, eat healthy, get enough rest, drink lots of water, and to share my thoughts with someone else and not keep it all inside thinking I have to fix "it" by my self.
I'll chat more tomorrow about what led up to the PTSD.

God Bless,

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