Saturday, August 8, 2009

Goodness, it's been forever since I've blogged! We just got back from a relaxing week at the Ozarks. Kind of our last "fling" before school starts and I go back to work.

Right now, our family is in a major storm! I know God has a plan, and however much we are hurting, he promises to hold us thru.

Our oldest daughter left home 2 days ago. (since we were out of town, we didn't know right away) It is so scarry not knowing who she is with or where she's at.

I've been thinking lots today about FAITH. We are in this storm, don't know where we're going, but praying our FAITH will see us thru.

I have no idea where this storm is taking our family God. Heavenly Father, I give Ashleigh over to you completely. Oh God, please don't let her get away. Satan, "I rebuke you, stay away from Ashleigh, you will not win this one because the "King" our Heavenly Father is on our side! God, please, keep tugging at her heart until she comes running back to you. Help Bryan and I to be the parents you want us to be. Please, give us a chance to talk with her and help us to know what to say to her. Father God, thank you for Ashleigh, just help her to see you thru us.

I love you and trust you completely with Ashleigh, even tho we do not know which way this storm will turn, I trust you.